Services offered by RTS RingTread System

RTS’s goal is not only to supply premium-retreaded tires but also to help fleets to lower their overall cost of operation. This vision has pushed us to look beyond tires, by supplying fleets with tools and data that enable them to optimise their tire and equipment management.

  1. Telematics Tools: Gives carriers in real time key information on the positioning of the vehicles, the condition of the tires and the performance of their drivers. Alarms in real time inform the driver and the dispatch of any issues and consequently diminish down time and servicing costs.
  2. Tire Fleet Management: Through our customer network, we can evaluate actual fleet management costs, simulations and forecasting costs with different brands of tires. The goal is to help fleets make good tire decisions so as to reduce their cost per kilometer and better optimise their tire fleet management.

To know more about these programs, please contact us directly and we will be glad to organise a meeting at your facility.